A drive on the Autobahn

During the my visit to Germany on 3 November 2003 to 7 November 2003, I rented a car and was able to drive on the Autobahn. The car rented was an Audi 2004 A4 Avant with 10 km when I got it. It had the 1.9 liter TDI engine. It did not have Quattro.

I put on 486 km and it needed 31.16 liters of diesel to fill it up. This is 6.41 liters/100 km or equal to 36.7 mpg. I had only used about half a tank. Those 31 liters cost €27.08 which was about $3.78/gallon.

Okay, how fast? I went as fast as 182 km per hour (113 mph). The car certainly would have been able to go faster, but I didn't feel safe pushing it in traffic at night. The car had tires rated for only 210 kph.

(Click for a bigger image.)

A couple of trips later I got a 2004 A3 with the 1.9 TDI engine. Not Quattro. Anyway, I decided that I really needed to go fast. It went about 220 kph (~136 mph). Once above 200 kph, the road noise got pretty loud. You just have to love the Autobahn. No one is going slow in the left lane. They are very good about keeping the speed gradient across the lanes.

No picture or details on the fuel efficiency.

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