2005 ACE Ski/Snowboard Trip to Snowmass/Aspen

Sixth day - Snowmass - 4 March 2005

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Morning of the last day on the slopes

Breakfast time

You have to keep well fed, but don't ask what Sean had for breakfast

On the slopes, at the top of Elk Camp

So Tim gets the great idea of taking off his clothes

So we look at the landscape instead. Here is the back of the Cirque

And the mountain in the background with the horizontal lines is the Maroon Bells

And looking down the slope

ACE shirt picture on the top of Snowmass

Tim wears an ACE shirt at Snowmass with the Maroon Bells over his left shoulder

And here are the Maroon Bells over his right shoulder

And one more with lots of pretty scenery


More scenery...

Not a scene we really wanted to see, but Tim getting his ski clothes back on

Still on the top of Elk Camp at Snowmass

Back to one we do want to see, this is the back of the Cirque. From the pointy spot in the middle people ski down the backside of the mountain. This is past the ski area boundary.

Here is a crop showing the tracks

Sean using the telescope to check out the scenery.

Tim trying to use his cell phone to take a picture

Steve, Eric, and Sean waiting patiently to go skiing

At the top of the trail "Long Shot"

So from where we were last standing we made a "short but strenuous hike" to this location

Another view

You can make out the top of the lift partially hidden by the tree

This is the way down...

But some people seem to go this way

Don't know these folks, but off they go after recovering from the strenuous hike

It must have been a strenuous hike if I am still taking pictures and not yet skiing

Still snapping away

At the top of the Cirque

Well Tim took this picture, but Ian is at the top of the mountain

Getting ready to tame the Cirque Headwall (The symbol means double black extreme)

Looking down from the Cirque

Looking the other way

You can see people riding the surface lift to get to this point

It is quite the sight

The trip down the Cirque Headwall

This is what we just came down

A little to the side

And another view

This is where we are going. In fact there go Steve and Eric. Tim is long gone.

One last shot before I am off to follow


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