2006 ACE Ski Trip to Big Sky, MT

Fourth and final day on the slopes - 7 March 2006

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Before getting on the slopes

Daily ritual of the ski boots

On the slopes

Tim and Eric on Snake Pit

Tim on Snake Pit, almost first tracks in the fresh powder

Eric on Snake Pit

Tim and Eric on Snake Pit

Ian getting ready to tackle part of Snake Pit

Ian in the glades


Eric seems to be enjoying himself

And Ian too

Another neat section of Snake Pit

Looking out from the mountain

Looking down the mountain

Eric and Tim escaping into the woods

Eric in the woods

Looking up Broken Arrow

Looking down Broken Arrow

There goes Tim (the close little speck)

More looking down Broken Arrow

And looking out at some of the scenery


At lunch

Strange looking skiier

A nutritious lunch of coffee, fries, and Snickers

On the slopes after lunch

At the top of Swift Current lift looking at the Mountain Village

It was a bit windy

Very nice view of the mountain

From the base of the Lone Peak Triple, looking at the bowl on the side of Lone Peak

It was a nice bowl

From the top of the Lone Peak Triple, looking at the top of Lone Peak, the tram house visible at the top

That is the side with the double black diamonds

Tim leading the way, the sign says "OPEN - Avalanche Area"

Dante's Inferno, a bar - Apres ski

Eric with beer and snacks

Tim likes his beer also

The photographer has his picture taken

A pretty nice bar with 10 beers on tap (mostly microbrews)

Back at the condo after skiing

Lone Peak

The tram house visible in profile at the top

Eric and Tim on the couch

There were two beds that folded into the wall

Tim making phone calls, hopefully not work related

While Eric relaxes

And Ian drinks a beer

And another

There was a loft and a bedroom, it was a sleeper sofa, it slept 8 total

Tim spending more time on the couch

It was snowing a bit when walking home from dinner, unfortunately the next day was a travel day

See, the snow

One last picture of the snow


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